What does this cost?

All drone photography is not the same. In fact, most drone videos are shot illegally, and most places accepting money for drone shots are doing so without the proper credentials. The FAA requires us to be a certified sUAS pilot and register or drone with the FAA. Drones are aircraft, and we have lots of rules and regulations in how we use them. We also can provide liability insurance during each shoot upon request. 

All drones are not made the same. Our drone can fly itself, avoid obstacles (using a plethora of high tech sensors) shoot 4K UHD video at 24fps while flying at up to 40mph and up to 21,000+ feet away from us. All this happens while streaming HD video directly back to us and the client during the shoot. It utilizes optical image stabilization for ridiculously smooth shots, even in poor conditions.

  • $150 launch fee.

  • If you desire different times or different days of shooting - it's $150 each time the drone leaves the ground.

What do I get?

Maybe you need to inspect a building. Maybe you need to show off your fancy new headquarters. Or maybe you want to highlight your city. This is the shoot for you! 

  • 4KUHD drone footage at 24FPS, 1080p at higher frame rates.

  • Footage edited together to include the best shots and set to licensed music (if you are doing a survey or other type of activity we can provide lower resolution raw footage instead of trailer).

  • License to use the video as you please in your business activities.


Sample footage from our drone below. Please watch in 4k if your internet will allow.