Where we work

Detroit - Michigan - USA - World

Our home base is in a northern suburb of Detroit on an international border. We love our Canadian friends as well!



Why people contact us:

People contact us because we are us. We like to keep things simple and fair. Our prices are reasonable and our turn around time is out of this world.

We don't produce the flashiest photo shopped images. We shoot for (pun intended) honest, real, clean, straightforward photography that is passion driven.

We do this because we believe you are passionate about what you do, and that gets us excited!

We don't believe in asterisks, secret fees, or complicated pricing schemes. We try to make everything we do as easy, stress free, and effortless as possible.

We also don't make you sit through an entire spiel, or make you contact us, to see our prices. If you missed them, they are right here!

Turns out people like simplicity.

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