Bring your government website and social media up to speed (or get help creating both). Residents check Facebook and websites before anything else, and especially when considering a place to vacation or settle. Non-existent social media, and outdated websites hurt you and your residents. Let us help you create stunning images, video, and consult on websites for you - with government in mind.

This package is specifically helpful for those looking to setup tourism websites!

$1,500 + Travel Costs:

  • A short "trailer"/promo video highlight the beauty of your jurisdiction. Including amazing aerial drone footage.

  • Professional photos to use on your website and social media of your jurisdiction, campus, etc.

  • Consultation on social media in a way that leaves you in control

  • Consultation in reviewing or creating your website in a way that leaves you in control

  • Direction from someone who has years of small government experience and training from the Federal Government on using social media as a governmental unit

Travel costs consists of hotel stays and either car rentals or flights to your jurisdiction. We work mainly in Michigan, but are happy to travel nationwide! With good weather, and depending on what season you want captured - it usually takes 1-3 days to capture everything.